Marine Life of La Jolla – Acknowledgments

This Marine Life web site is part of an ongoing initiative of the Friends of the La Jolla Shores, to promote and conserve marine life  in the La Jolla Underwater Park and Ecological Reserves. It is a companion to two installations at Kellogg Park La Jolla Shores:

  • The Map® – a pavement map of the La Jolla Shores Underwater Park and Ecological Reserve, installed  at Kellogg Park, and showing  the locations of marine marine life >read more
  • Photographic panels – adjacent to The Map®, with  photographs of the marine life displayed on The Map® >read more

All photographs were provided by amateur and professional photographers, who participated in the  2010 Call for Fish ID Photos Contest.

Friends of La Jolla Shores wishes to thank all those who participated in the Contest:

  • Photographers for their extraordinary marine life images
  • Award-winning judges
  • Contest Coordinators