Barred Sand Bass 7681086648 O
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Barred Sand Bass

Paralabrax nebulifer

Barred Sand BassDavid R. Andrew ~


  • Narrow dark bar below eye
  • Several irregular dusky bars or bands on side
  • Light Gray, olive or brown upper body becomes lighter toward belly; usually small yellow brown spots on head
  • Tail square-cut
  • First two spines of dorsal fin short followed by long third spine


  • Occasional southern California; also south to Baja


  • Inhabit sandy areas near reefs, rocky outcroppings and kelp beds
  • Often rest on bottom propped up on pectoral fins
  • Occasionally in small groups; rarely deeper than safe diving limits


  • Adults eat midshipmen, crabs, octopi

Interesting Facts

  • Bass eggs and larvae are pelagic, drifting about in open water