Cabezon 7688919084 O
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Scorpaenichthys marmoratus

CabezonMark Royer


  • Marbled earthtones
  • Males generally display red shades
  • While females are usually greenish
  • Can change color, pale or darken to blend with background
  • Unscaled bulbous head and stout body
  • Triangular cirrus centered near tip of snout


  • Common southern California to southern British Columbia


  • Inhabit rocky bottoms, especially near kelp beds; often along exposed coasts and in tidal passages
  • Rest on bottom camouflaged with background
  • Mate in late winter, couples use same nesting site year after year
  • Males guard nest from predators, bolting only when closely approached, but return as soon as immediate danger passes


  • Prey on crabs, abalone, octopi

Interesting Facts

  • Eggs of the cabezon are poisonous to all
  • Large cabezon can swallow an abalone whole and spit out the shell