Adult Garibaldi 7673936740 O
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Garibaldi – Adult

Hypsypops rubicundus

Garibaldi - AdultDeeanne Edwards ~


  • Brilliant orange
  • Juveniles have numerous iridescent blue spots until about six inchings
  • Thin; oval-shaped body; tail deeply notched between large rounded lobes


  • Abundant southern California, occasional to rare central California


  • Inhabit rocky reefs and kelp beds


  • Feed mainly on invertebrates that they remove from the rocks

Interesting Facts

  • Aggressively territorial, chasing away all intruders
  • In California, it is illegal to spear or retain Garibaldi because of its official State marine fish status
  • The common name is a reference to the Italian folk hero Giuseppe Garibaldi who wore a trademark red shirt