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Honeycomb Rockfish

Sebastes umbrosus

Honeycomb RockfishDavid R. Andrew ~ the-world-underwater.com


  • Light orange, overlaid with fine, blackish dots around margins of scales, giving body a honeycomb appearance
  • 3 to 5 clear whitish blotches on back
  • Orange fins


  • Honeycombs have been found from Point Pinos (central California) to about Bahia San Juanico (southern Baja California) and Isla Guadalupe


  • They are found in 100 feet to 900 feet of water
  • They like boulder fields and over low-lying rocks and live to be about 30 years of age
  • Honeycombs release larvae from March to July in Southern California


  • Diet

Interesting Facts

  • Unafraid, can usually be closely approached with slow nonthreatening movements
  • Very little is known about the biology of this dwarf species