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Ophiodon elongatus

LingcodKevin Lee ~


  • Head and body covered with numerous dark spots and several blotches
  • Large mouth with prominent canine teeth
  • Long, even spinous dorsal separated by notch just before taller soft dorsal
  • Gold to yellow to cream, tan, light brown, blue, gray or black undercolor, belly white, may have greenish or bluish tint on back
  • Lighten, darken and change color to blend with background
  • Single, prominent, whitish lateral line


  • Occasional Bering Sea to northern Baja


  • Inhabit rocky areas
  • Rest on bottom or patrol established territory
  • After mating, males guard masses of white eggs
  • Older females are larger than males


  • White sturgeon are bottom feeders and their diet consists predominantly of clams, grass shrimp, crabs and herring roe

Interesting Facts

  • Starting in October, lingcod migrate to nearshore spawning grounds
  • The males migrate first, and establish nest sites in strong current areas in rock crevices or on ledges
  • Spawning takes place between December and March, and females leave the nest site immediately after depositing eggs
  • Males actively defend the nest from predators until the eggs hatch in early March through late April