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Mantis Shrimp

Hemisquilla ensigera californiensis

Mantis ShrimpKevin Lee ~


  • Carapace very small and eyes large
  • Legs, pleopods, and uropods bright blue
  • Size to 12 inches in length


  • Point Conception, California to the Gulf of California and Panama


  • Sub-tidal to 300 feet on mud or sand or shell, where it digs burrows up to 7 feet deep


  • Mantis Shrimp diet consist of crustaceans, worms, fish and even cowries, smashing their shells open with its powerful front claws

Interesting Facts

  • Emerges at night to prey on clams and other organisms that are smashed by blows from the claws
  • Great care should be taken when handling these shrimp because their claws can inflict serious damage