Pacific Sardine 7688977506 O
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Pacific Sardine

Sardinops sagax

Pacific SardineDave Rudie


  • Silvery with noticeable scales and blue-green tints
  • Darker on back
  • Row of black spots along mid-body
  • Several deep striations on gill cover
  • Mouth extends to eye


  • Occasional California
  • Uncommon Oregon to Alaska
  • South to Baja and Gulf of California


  • Considered pelagic
  • Form huge polarized schools that swim in water near shore
  • Often mix with similar appearing species


  • This fish feeds on Plankton

Interesting Facts

  • Length 16 inches 13 years max
  • Mature at 7-8 inches
  • Spawning near shore
  • Pacific Sardines are a food source for various marine mammals