Round Stingray 7672919968 O
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Round Stingray

Urobatis halleri

Round StingrayHerb Gruenhagen


  • Circular disc, no dorsal fin, tail shorter than disc length, sting present on tail
  • Dorsum smooth (no tubercles)
  • Color variable, may be plain brown or pale base with covering pattern of small dark spots and underlying dark blotches
  • ┬áVentrum pale


  • This species is endemic to the eastern North Pacific Ocean
  • Humboldt Bay in northern California south to Panama
  • It is most common around southern California and the Baja Peninsula


  • They inhabit tropical to warm-temperate waters close to shore, usually less than 15 meters deep, although they have been reported to a depth of at least 91 meters


  • By digging in substrate they find worms, crabs, snails, clams and small fishes to eat

Interesting Facts

  • Every year, hundreds of beachgoers are accidentally stung by round stingrays along the coast of southern California
  • The sting is not fatal, though it is quite painful