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Oxyjulis californica

SenoritaDerek Tarr ~


  • White belly
  • Yellow to orange or orange brown body
  • Large black spot on tail base


  • Abundant to common southern California
  • Occasional north to northern California


  • Inhabit kelp beds and rocky reefs and boulder-strewn areas surrounded by sand
  • Generally swim well above the bottom
  • May be solitary, or in small groups to large schools


  • Small invertebrates: hydroids, bryozoans, amphipods, parasitic copepods, isopods

Interesting Facts

  • Cleaners that service many species of fish, including Giant Sea Bass, rays, surfperches and Garibaldis
  • They eat a wide range of invertebrates
  • When frightened, they dive into the sand and bury themselves
  • They also bury themselves to sleep in the sand at night