Shovelnose Guitarfish 7672984000 O
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Shovelnose Guitarfish

Rhinobatos productus

Shovelnose GuitarfishDon Balch ~


  • Body disc longer than width
  • Snout pointed with slight concavity before rounded tip
  • Body tapers into broad tail topped by two dorsal fins of equal size
  • Thorns (enlarged denticles) around eyes and extending in a single row along centre line of back and tail
  • Well developed caudal fin roughly triangular with indistinct lower lobe
  • Dorsum color olive to sandy brown with vague darker blotches. Ventrum pale


  • Eastern Pacific from central California (San Francisco) to the Sea of Cortez
  • May be locally abundant forming large aggregations


  • Intertidal inshore waters and estuaries to 13 meters but recorded at 91 meters
  • On sand or mud bottoms
  • Occasionally in sea grass beds



  • Hunts for benthic invertebrates including polychaete worms, clams, amphipods, crabs and shrimp
  • Adults also consume some bony fishes

Interesting Facts

  • Lays partially buried in sand when not foraging for food
  • Swims by using powerful caudal fin