The Map®

The Map® is a pavement installation, showing the marine features  of the La Jolla Underwater Park and Ecological Reserves. It includes the major underwater formations of La Jolla Canyon and Scripps Canyon, and also shows the wealth of  marine life that are found there.

The Map® was originally envisioned by a landscape volunteer, who commented that it would be wonderful to “pull the underwater park and ecological reserves into the park” to enlighten children of all ages about the myriad of wonders lying just off our shoreline. His dream has resulted in a 2,300 sq. ft. Lithocrete® plaza embedded with 52 life-sized two-dimensional bronze species, positioned in the location where they can most often be found offshore.

A replica of a tidepool with 10 three-dimensional life-sized bronze sculptures, sits on the southeast corner of  The Map® with a beautiful bronze plaque honoring the history of the Kumeyaay Nation, who first settled in the area over 10,000 years ago. Collaboration with experts at Scripps Institution of Oceanography  and Birch Aquarium was critical to achieving scientific accuracy. The project was the epitome of teamwork with all park, beach, and ocean users working together to ensure success. The Thank You Plaques are a tribute to the universal support for the project.

The Map® is used extensively by classes from Birch Aquarium, local schools, SeaCamp, scuba divers and swimmers. You will often see families, couples, and senior citizens a like taking time to learn something new with each visit to The Map®. All who worked to make “The Map”® a success are extremely proud of the many local and national awards it received.