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Western Sandpiper

Calidris mauri

Western SandpiperThomas A. Blackman ~ obeach.smugmug.com


  • Adults have dark legs and a short thin dark bill, thinner at the tip
  • The body is brown on top and white underneath
  • They are reddish-brown on the crown


  • Their breeding habitat is on tundra in eastern Siberia and Alaska
  • They nest on the ground usually under some vegetation
  • The male makes several scrapes; the female selects one and lays 4 eggs
  • Both parents incubate and care for dependent young, who feed themselves
  • Sometimes the female deserts her mate and brood prior to offspring fledging.


  • These birds forage on mudflats during migration and the non-breeding season by probing or picking up food by sight
  • Foraging occurs on tundra and wet meadows during the breeding season


  • They mainly eat insects, small crustaceans and mollusks

Interesting Facts

  • One of the most abundant shorebird species in North America with a population in the millions