Marine Life Photographic Panels & Website

Friends of La Jolla Shores received grants from County Supervisor Pam Slater Price (Neighborhood Reinvestment Program) and La Jolla Community Foundation Non-Endowment Fund to design and produce Interpretative Fish ID Panels. The panels showcase photos of the fifty-two life-sized bronze sculptures embedded in The Map® of the La Jolla Shores Underwater Park & Ecological Reserves, and ten three-dimensional bronze sculptures located on the adjacent replica of a Tide Pool.

The panels will be installed along the 27-foot portion of the garden on the south side of The Map®, and an additional set will serve as a traveling exhibit to local schools.

More than 600 photographs were submitted as a part of a Call for Fish ID Photo Contest with winners selected by a panel of internationally renowned Judges. All photographs can be viewed on our Marine Life web site, which also provides information on each species.