Comfort Station (South)




The Kellogg Park South Comfort Station had fallen into serious disrepair, and some funds and been identified for its replacement. In September 2000, it was learned that the City permitted a 2,000 sq. ft. Comfort Station surrounded by 5,000 sq. ft. of concrete with showers in the middle of the park and a restroom that would provide minimum function in maximum space at an excessive cost.

The community pulled together to do the impossible; getting the Comfort Station redesigned to a third of the size (650 sq. ft.) of the previously permitted project, with maximum function in minimum space, cost effectiveness, safety, accessibility, availability, ease of maintenance and aesthetics. Great care given to minimize environmental concerns and to lessen opportunities for vandalism and vagrancy. It should be noted, that Kellogg Park has 2-3 million visitors  each year.

Plans were drawn by a community member after extensive research. Architectural drawings were donated by Dale Naegle, FAIA, and all change orders were submitted by Don Goertz, AIA. Construction was done by Louis Beacham, Contractor, who built it at “no profit”. Landscaping was donated by Sean O’Neill and Jose Perez. Community members donated the difference to make it a “break even” for the Contractor…truly a team effort.

To the community’s credit, five years later in July 2005, the state of the art Comfort Station opened with a “Royal Flush” – it was was honored with the San Diego and Imperial County chapters of the American Public Works Association’s Project of the Year Award on Sept. 14.